MATEO'S WOMAN: Book Three in the Mateo Series


Delilah is dead. 

With her demise, everyone should be safe, but something insidious is happening to Mateo’s town and to the woman he loves. People are dying and Blair is changing, taking on mannerisms that are clearly not her own. Becoming a danger to herself and others. He has no idea what is happening to the town’s people but he has an inkling of what is happening to Blair and what he’s thinking just isn’t possible. But whether it’s possible or not, he has to pry Blair from the evil that’s sunk its fangs into her. Now it's a race against time to save the woman he loves and get to the bottom of who is killing Grizzly’s citizenry. And if that’s not enough of a challenge for the shapeshifting sheriff, his future mother-in-law has come for a visit.


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